Idealistic or Realistic

Carnot Cycle is the most efficient cyclical process that you can have. The least amount of heat loss to the environment with the most work done by the system. You can check up this information in Thermodyanimcs.


However, in reality, we wouldn’t be able to achieve this Carnot cycle. There would be inefficiencies here and there. Some energy will be loss as heat to the environment, some will be changed into sound energy and so forth and so on. So what’s the point of having this Carnot thing? It’s not realistic, it’s idealistic.

Well, to be brief, this Carnot cycle has been used by engineers as a benchmark. It is the maximum efficiency that they could have. Knowing how far they could go, how far are they from the maximum point, motivates them to work on it more. They will always try to improvise their designs so that their are near to the Carnot cycle efficiency. So this is the function of having such an ideal thing.

Amazingly, if you notice, this is how ALLAH and our beloved prophet s.a.w ‘tarbiyah’ us. In the Quran, ALLAH outlined certain criteria that he would love us to have. At the same time, he sent our prophet s.a.w as the practical example having all those criteria. Then, came the companions, also having most of the criteria. So, what about them?

They are the ideal muslims. They pleased ALLAH. They loved ALLAH more than you can ever imagine. Can we be like them? Most probably not because they are way too good compared to us. Apparently, they are lined up in front of us as a ‘benchmark’. So that we can always check ourselves whether we’re improving or not. Whether we’re getting near to ALLAH or we getting more further away from Him. So that we can constantly rectify ourselves from time to time. Try read about the criteria loved by ALLAH in the Quran. Try read about the prophet s.a.w. Try read about the life of the companions. We’ll be amazed, insyaALLAH. 

So lets be idealistic and realistic! Bleh ke? Hmm..


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  1. 1

    ammare said,

    menarik..dapat kaitkan teori thermo dengan kehidupan

  2. 2

    umn said,

    sedang surfing, jumpa blog nie.. akan dibookmark.. carnot cycle just a benchmark.. setuju2.. ideal vs reality, perkara yg perlu diberi perhatian..

  3. 3

    […] Revisit Idealistic vs Realistic. […]

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